Entries by Kamra tal-Periti

PR 02/16 | Planning Authority in breach of obligation to consult

The Kamra tal‐Periti strongly deplores the fact that the Planning Authority is failing to carry out proper consultation with it on matters relating to planning application procedures. In particular, it condemns the fact that the Development Notification Order (DNO) of 2007 was unilaterally revoked through Legal Notice 164 of 2016 without any form of prior notice, and this […]

KTP Press Release – MEPA Demerger

Following the press conference held on the 4th April 2016, wherein the Hon Dr Deborah Schembri announced the official demerger of MEPA into two separate Authorities, the Kamra tal-Periti issued a Press Release, dated April 5, 2016. Download: Press Release 16/01

PR 01/16 | MEPA Demerger

Reference is made to the press conference held on the 4th April 2016, wherein the Hon Dr Deborah Schembri announced the official demerger of MEPA into two separate Authorities, namely the Environment and Resources Authority which was established earlier this year, and the newly established Planning Authority. As it has stated on various occasions, the […]

DC 2015: KTP writes to Parliamentary Secretary

The Council of the Kamra tal-Periti has written to the Parliamentary Secretary for Planning and Simplification of Administrative Processes, Hon Dr Deborah Schembri, regarding administrative procedures following the implementation of DC2015. The Council will keep the members updated on the outcome of this correspondence. Letter to Parliamentary Secretary.

DIR 01/15 | Drawings, Design Documents and Intellectual Property of a Perit

It has come to the Kamra’s attention that Periti are frequently facing demands by their Client/s to provide a copy of drawings or other design documents in digital editable format. Drawings, illustrations and/or other design documents are the intellectual property of the Perit that prepared them and there exists no obligation to provide these to a third party save for the purposes […]

No further government architects’ assessment of property prices

The Department of Inland Revenue will no longer send its architects to ensure that the declared purchase price of a property reflects its commercial value. Finance Minister Edward Scicluna said a legal notice will be issued in the coming days. He said the government architect would only be dispatched in exceptional cases, when the Inland […]

CIR 02/10 | Tariff K and VAT

Reference is made to previous circulars and directives regarding the application of the schedule of fees as defined in Tariff K and the inclusion of VAT, as part of the Cost of Construction. We wish to draw your attention that a recent Court of Appeal judgement has ruled that the amount of VAT is not […]

DIR 01/10 | Amendments to the Tariff of Fees (Tariff K)

As you are certainly aware, your Council is currently in discussions with government on various issues that affect the profession. These issues, that formed part of a compendium titled “Towards a Renewed Profession”, were the subject of an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) held in April 2008 and the positions taken then were again reaffirmed, with some amendments, […]