Entries by Kamra tal-Periti

No further government architects’ assessment of property prices

The Department of Inland Revenue will no longer send its architects to ensure that the declared purchase price of a property reflects its commercial value. Finance Minister Edward Scicluna said a legal notice will be issued in the coming days. He said the government architect would only be dispatched in exceptional cases, when the Inland […]

CIR 02/10 | Tariff K and VAT

Reference is made to previous circulars and directives regarding the application of the schedule of fees as defined in Tariff K and the inclusion of VAT, as part of the Cost of Construction. We wish to draw your attention that a recent Court of Appeal judgement has ruled that the amount of VAT is not […]

DIR 01/10 | Amendments to the Tariff of Fees (Tariff K)

As you are certainly aware, your Council is currently in discussions with government on various issues that affect the profession. These issues, that formed part of a compendium titled “Towards a Renewed Profession”, were the subject of an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) held in April 2008 and the positions taken then were again reaffirmed, with some amendments, […]

CIR 02/09 | Procedure for when a Perit discontinues a commission and/or when another Perit is engaged to take over

The Kamra tal-Periti would like to draw the attention of all Warrant Holders to the correct procedure to be adopted by Periti in cases when a commission undertaken on behalf of a Client is discontinued for any reason and/or when a Perit assumes responsibility for a commission originally undertaken by another Perit. Warrant Holders are to note that these procedures apply equally to all cases […]

DIR 01/09 | Listing of details in the Yellow Pages publication

The Kamra tal-Periti has on various occasions in the past, and in accordance with directives given by the Council, drawn the attention of all practicing Periti to the correct procedure to be adopted for listing their practice in the Yellow Pages Directory and other similar listings. The Kamra wishes to draw your attention again that any advertising has […]