Unique career opportunity for Architects/Periti

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Tired of being employed? Want to do something on your own but still want to work within an office environment? Then this is a great opportunity for you.

We are looking for warranted architects (both Design and Structures) to work on a freelance basis within our office setup. This is an opportunity for those with some experience in the profession. However young and/or inexperienced warrant holders should not be discouraged as they will be given the possibility of consultation and/or guidance by the Managing Architect. Warrant holders in this position will be able to work on their own commissions and/or commissions passed directly to them by the office. This work opportunity includes all the general office costs.

We are also seeking architects to join our team at an associate level or at a partner level.
Interested in exploring the above career opportunities? Just send a motivation letter together with your CV to info@pmaperiti.com and we will get back to you to formulate a tailor-made package.

To apply for this job email your details to info@pmaperiti.com.