Special Sessions are dedicated to important topics related to earthquake engineering and engineering seismology research and practice that complement the topics of the main sessions. Of particular importance is the presentation and panel discussion on cutting edge research activities and best practices in Europe and worldwide in earthquake engineering, risk assessment and management.

The Organizing Committee of the 16ECEE is happy to announce the following Special Sessions:

SS01. EU – China cooperation in earthquake engineering and risk
organized by Lanmin Wang, Sun Baitao, Jian-Min Zhang, Lu Xilin, K. Pitilakis, A. Pavese, G. Tsionis

SS02. Resilient Cities – Civil protection
organized by International & Local Authorities 

SS03. Development of the 2nd generation Eurocode 8
organized by P. Bisch, A. Correia

SS04. Borehole vertical arrays: existing sites, new developments, recent results and usefulness for engineering seismology
organized by P-Y. Bard, F. Hollender, O.J. Ktenidou

SS05. Outcomes and challenges of a research & development program (SIGMA) for seismic hazard assessment in low-to-moderate seismicity regions
organized by G. Senfaute, C. Durouchoux

SS06. Risk analysis of major hazard industrial facilities and metamaterials-based shields for enchanced resilience 
organized by O.S. Bursi, F. Paolacci

SS07. Residual risk in earthquakes: are current protection levels appropriate?
organized by F. Wenzel, M. Koller

SS08. New technologies for seismic-resistant bridge columns
organized by K. Mackie, A. Kappos

SS09. Seismic isolation and energy dissipation in civil structures
organized by P. Clemente, G. Benzoni

SS10. Performance-based earthquake engineering in practice: Is it worth the trouble?
organized by D. Vamvatsikos, C. Adam

SS11. Recent advances for improving the seismic performance of nonstructural elements (tentative title)
organized by E. Miranda, T. Sullivan, C.S. Oliveira, M. Lopes

SS12. Dynamics and seismic response of rocking and self-centering structures
organized by E. Dimitrakopoulos, M. Vassiliou, M. DeJong, M. Fragiadakis

SS13. Advances and applications of inertial, viscous, and regenerative damping devices for the seismic protection of structures
organized by A. Giaralis, A. Taflanidis

SS14. Recent advances in earthquake protection technologies
organized by H. Sucuoğlu, M. Calvi

SS15. Earthquake repair/retrofit costs
organized by M. Di Ludovico, C. Del Vecchio

SS16. Seismic risk and resilience of critical infrastructure
organized by A. Sextos, F. Cavalieri, S. Argyroudis

SS17. Religious monumental masonry structures in seismic areas: assessment, retrofit, numerical and experimental evaluation 
organized by C. Spyrakos, M. Corradi 

SS18. Seismic modelling of masonry buildings: present knowledge and open challenges for research and practice 
organized by S. Cattari, G. Magenes

SS19. New trends on evaluation and retrofitting of infilled frames under seismic demands (tentative title)
organized by E. Vintzileou, F. Da Porto, H. Varum, P. Ricci

SS20. Integrated renovation strategies targeting sustainability, safety and resilience of existing buildings
organized by P. Negro, A. Marini

SS21. Assessment of earthquake vulnerability and risk at national, regional and global scale
organized by V. Silva/GEM

SS22. Induced seismicity in Groningen area (tentative title)
organized by H. Krijgsman, J. White, I.E. Bal, E. Smyrou

SS23. Software for loss estimation: developments and applications
organized by N. Makhoul, S. Argyroudis

SS24. 40 years commemoration of Thessaloniki 20/6/1978 earthquake
organized by the Local Organising Committee 

Authors are invited to submit an abstract via the online submission system of the 16ECEE by JUNE 30, 2017.

More information on the Abstract Guidelines can be found in the online submission system below.