PR 02/16 | Planning Authority in breach of obligation to consult

The Kamra tal‐Periti strongly deplores the fact that the Planning Authority is failing to carry out proper consultation with it on matters relating to planning application procedures.

In particular, it condemns the fact that the Development Notification Order (DNO) of 2007 was unilaterally revoked through Legal Notice 164 of 2016 without any form of prior notice, and this specifically in breach of the provisions of Article 55 of the Development Planning Act which oblige the Executive Council of the Authority to formally consult with the Kamra tal‐Periti.

As a result of this complete disregard for stipulated legal obligations, members of the profession are not in a position to advise their clients in an adequate and informed manner, and this situation has also created a vacuum since the Authority is not currently accepting any new DNO submissions until a new Legal Notice is published to replaced the now defunct Order.

The Kamra tal‐Periti calls on the Government to immediately withdraw the said Legal Notice and to ensure that all provisions of the Development Planning Act are adhered to.

The Kamra tal‐Periti further calls on the Executive Council to consult with the Kamra in a proper manner, not only because it is obliged to do so under the Development Planning Act and under the provisions of the Periti Act, but more importantly because proper and adequate consultation with the profession ensures transparency, which is paramount in the planning process.