Right of Reply | CRPD Statement

Attn: The Editors of The Malta Independent Daily & The Malta Independent Online 

Reference is made to the article carried in The Malta Independent Online on 16th July 2018 titled “70% of applications for accessibility compliance certificates rejected by the CRPD”. The Kamra tal-Periti would like to inform your readers that the statement made by the CRPD Chair, Mr Oliver Scicluna, about the role of Periti in this statistic, is not only unfounded speculation, but highly defamatory to its members, and that we demand that it is withdrawn entirely. If Mr Scicluna has any evidence of instances where a Perit has deliberately not fulfilled the Commission’s requirements to be able to charge more to change plans, he is requested to notify the Kamra about them, so it may immediately open Professional Conduct cases, as is its remit at Law.

It is pertinent to point out that in most instances, the role of the Perit ends on the completion of construction works and is thus not consulted or aware of what happens during the finishing stages, when most of the compliance failures occur. These may include failure to install the appropriate fixtures and fittings in bathrooms earmarked for disabled access, or the failure to install the appropriate platform lifts. As your readers will surely appreciate, Periti have no say on decisions made after the professional services agreed to with their clients are completed. It is only after the finishing works are terminated that issues of compliance with CRPD requirements are notified to the Perit, who is brought back in the project to rectify the mistakes carried out in his/her absence in the final stages of the project, by either amending planning permits at the request of clients or mediating on their behalf with the CRPD.

This is indeed one of the reasons why building regulations such as accessibility should be taken out of the planning process and consolidated under the Building Regulation Office.

Nevertheless, the Kamra remains open to further discussions with the CRPD on the matter.



Kamra tal-Periti