Centre for Literature and Language – Planet Lem Design Competition

The Krakow Festival Office, with the participation of the Association of Polish Architects, Krakow Branch, would like to announce an international two-stage architectural and urban development competition aimed at creating a multifunctional literary centre under the name of “Centrum Literatury i Języka – Planeta Lem” (Centre for Literature and Language – Planet Lem) in the former Salt Warehouse at Na Zjeździe 8 Street in Krakow. The competition was assigned SARP number 983.


The patron of the Centre for Literature and Language in Krakow will be Stanisław Lem – an outstanding Polish writer, philosopher and futurologist, the most popular Polish author in history, who was connected with Krakow throughout his life. An interactive exhibition inspired by Lem’s thought heritage will be a central element of the building. Apart from the exhibition, “Centre for Literature and Language – Planet Lem” will also house a modern multifunctional hall for hosting literary events in Krakow, a space for exhibitions devoted to literature and language, a publicly accessible media library, a multimedia studio, a café and a bookshop, as well as office spaces. The venue will be the operating centre for the Krakow – UNESCO City of Literature programme.


The goal of the Competition is the best possible architectural and urban planning solution for the “Centre for Literature and Language – Planet Lem”. It is assumed that the concept chosen by the Competition Jury will take into account the special nature of the project. Connect the applied solutions with distant and close (spatial, architectural and cultural) contexts of Małopolska and Krakow – the city of culture, science and art – is essential. The Krakow Festival Office expects a modern architectural form characterised by the highest quality, which may become the showpiece of the city and region built in the specified location. The aim of the Competition is to select a concept for the preparation of complete design documentation enabling the implementation of the investment.


The competition is conducted in Polish.


Competition Jury:

  1. Architect Piotr Lewicki, KSK SARP Krakow Branch, Chairman of the Jury
  2. Architect Marcin Brataniec, KSK SARP Krakow Branch, Reporting Judge
  3. Architect Zbigniew Maćków, KSK SARP Krakow Branch, Competition Judge
  4. Architect Alberto Veiga, Spain, Foreign Competition Judge


  1. Architect Grzegorz Lechowicz, Małopolska Regional Chamber of Architects representative, Competition Judge,
  2. Wojciech Zemek, representative of Stanisław Lem’s heir, Competition Judge,
  3. Jacek Dukaj, author of the permanent exhibition concept, Competition Judge,
  4. Agata Kwaśnicka-Janowicz, representative of the Foundation for the Museum of Polish Language, Competition Judge,
  5. Grzegorz Grabowski, Deputy Operations Director, Krakow Festival Office, Competition Judge
  6. Andrzej Kulig, 3rd Deputy Mayor of the City of Krakow for Social Policy, Culture and City Promotion, Krakow Municipal Office, Competition Judge,
  7. (Architect Marcin Włodarczyk, KSK SARP Krakow, Deputy Competition Judge)


Secretariat of the Competition:

  1. Architect Marek Kaszyński, SARP Krakow, Organising Secretary of the Competition,
  2. Magdalena Szreniawa, KBF, Supporting Secretary of the Competition,
  3. (Architect Benita Strzałka, SARP Krakow, Deputy Organising Secretary of the Competition)

Announcement of the Competition – 6.09.2018.

Submission of requests for clarification of the Terms and Conditions – through 14.09.2018 at 4:00 p.m.

Publication of clarifications to the Terms and Conditions – by 21.09.2018

Submission of applications for admission to the Competition – 28.09.2018, 4:00 p.m

Sending notices to Participants on their admission to the Competition – by 5.10.2018.

Submission of requests for clarification of the Terms and Conditions – through 12.10.2018.

Publication of clarifications to the Terms and Conditions – by 19.10.2018.

Submission of studies (Phase 1) – by 30.11.2018, 4:00 p.m.

Conclusion of Phase 1 of the Competition – by 14.12.2018.

Submission of requests for clarification of the Terms and Conditions – through 4.01.2019.

Publication of clarifications to the Terms and Conditions – by 11.01.2019.

Submission of competition works (Phase 2) – by 1.03.2019, 4:00 p.m.

Decision, public announcement of the Competition results and opening of the post-competition exhibition – by 15.03.2019.


Prizes (gross amounts):

Prize pool– PLN 200,000
First prize – PLN 75,000
Prize for participants of phase 2- PLN 25,000


More information on the competition is available at: http://www.sarp.krakow.pl/konkursy,958,Konkurs_SARP_nr_983_Planeta_Lem_w_Krakowie.html

and  https://pl-pl.facebook.com/events/379029342634418/