University of Warsaw in cooperation with the Main Board of the Association of Polish Architects (SARP) and the Warsaw Branch of the Association of Polish Architects (SARP), announces architectural and urban competition for the architectural concept design and development plan, under the name “Construction of a student house on the Służewiec Campus”, implemented under the Multi-Year Program called “University of Warsaw 2016-2025.” The competition design should be implemented in the specified area, taking into account the Program requirements and guidelines of the Contracting Authority contained in the Materials for the competition. The competition is open, one-stage and of realisation, ie on the basis of which project documentation will be made, constituting the basis for the implementation of the investment. Proposed competition solutions should strictly fall within the assumed budget and to the full extend and in the most beneficial way to carry out a detailed description of the subject of the competition. The proposed functional and spatial concepts should meet the expectations of the University of Warsaw in terms of spatial, architectural, program and functional solutions as well as economic assumptions indicated in the Regulations and Materials for the competition and be in accordance with the provisions of applicable administrative decisions.

The aim of the competition is to carry out a wide confrontation of creative design work and to select the best, in terms of functional and spatial, architectural and urban concepts along with land development for the Investment. The presented ideas should provide for future and real solutions to be implemented both in terms of the economic efficiency of the construction process, low operating costs during the life of the building as well as a positive impact on man and the natural environment.


The Competition Jury

Chairman of the Jury: arch. Wojciech Kotecki, representative of SARP,
Deputy Chairman of the Jury: arch. Andrzej Alinkiewicz, representative of the University of Warsaw,
Referee Judge: arch. Dorota Sawicka, representative of SARP,
Judge: prof. UW dr hab. Anna Giza-Poleszczuk, representative of the University of Warsaw,
Judge: arch. Kazimierz Łatak, representative of SARP,
Judge: mgr inż. Jerzy Pieszczurykow, representative of the University of Warsaw,
Judge: arch. Ewa Rudnicka, representative of the University of Warsaw,
Judge: arch. Michał Sikorski, representative of the University of Warsaw,
Judge: arch. Mariusz Tenczyński, representative of SARP.

And Reserve Judges:
arch. Marcin Kwietowicz, representative of SARP
mgr Maria Dobrzyńska-Jaromin, representative of the University of Warsaw

Secretary of the Competition Jury:
landscape architect Marek Szeniawski, representative of SARP

Schedule of the competition:

Submission of the competition notice to the Publications Office of the European Union 22.08.2018.

Submitting questions regarding the clarification of the Contest Regulations regarding the conditions for participation in the Competition 04/09/2018.

The end of submission of Applications for admission to the Competition on 13/09/2018.

Submitting questions about clarifying the content of the Regulations regarding the development and submission of competition entries 05.11.2018.

Submission of competition entries 17/12/2018

Official public announcement of the results of the Competition on 29.01.2019.

Cash prizes:

first prize – PLN 30,000 net
second prize – PLN 20,000 net
third prize – PLN 15,000 net
and cash awards for no more than for two competition entries in the amount of PLN 10,000 net each.

The competition is conducted in Polish.

The rules of the competition along with attachments and competition materials can be found at: