The new Council of the Kamra tal-Periti for 2019 was voted in on 10th January 2019 during a General Meeting held at the Aula Magna in Valletta.

The term of Professor Alex Torpiano as President of the Kamra came to an end. He is now succeeded by Perit Simone Vella Lenicker, who has contributed to the Kamra for the past 15 years in various roles, including those of Vice President, Honorary Secretary, and Editor of the journal The Architect, as well as participating on various boards and committees in representation of the Kamra, including the Building Industry Consultative Council (BICC) Advisory Board, the Planning Authority’s Users’ Committee and the Building Regulation Board.

Perit Simone Vella Lenicker, President, & Perit Andre Pizzuto, Vice President

Perit Andre’ Pizzuto was voted in as Vice President for the coming two years, after serving for four years as a Council Member. He has been instrumental in the organisation of the highly successful Emanuele Luigi Galizia Awards, and spearheaded the Kamra’s work on a proposal for a revamped Building Regulation system.

The term of Council Members Jeanette Muñoz Abela, Anthony Bezzina and Alberto Miceli Farrugia also came to an end at the General Meeting, however all three submitted their nominations to serve another term, and were confirmed by the Members present. Perit Gaston Camilleri also submitted a nomination to form part of the Council, and will commence his first term now as a new Council Member.

The composition of the Council is therefore as follows: Perit Simone Vella Lenicker (President); Perit Andre’ Pizzuto (Vice President); Perit Amber Wismayer (Honorary Secretary); Professor Alex Torpiano (Past-President); and Periti Jeanette Muñoz Abela, Anthony Bezzina, Lara Brincat, Gaston Camilleri, Sandro Cini, Ivynne Grixti, Alberto Miceli Farrugia, and Damian Vella Lenicker as Council Members.

This is a very important year for the Kamra tal-Periti, which will be celebrating the 100th anniversary from the establishment of the profession in July 1919, and the establishment of the Kamra itself in June 1920, and a year-long series of events are in the pipeline.

Photo credits: Stefan Varga