St Benedict College call for periti to host students in ‘Career Exposure Experience’

St Benedict College (Kirkop) has issued a call for periti to host secondary school students in their “Career Exposure Experience” programme.

Mr Natalino Mallia, Principal Education Support Officer, stated that “In the past eight scholastic years, St Benedict College organised the ‘Career Exposure Experience’ for boys and girls in Form 4. Every year, the outcomes are extremely positive and encouraging. Over 1600 students had participated in this work experience. This project is of particular benefit to each and every student’s career development. For this reason, St Benedict’s College is taking the initiative to re-organise this unique opportunity to all students boys and girls in Form 4.”

The project will be organised spread over two weeks:

  • Week 1 : 20th to 24th November 2017
  • Week 2 : 4th to 7th December 2017


Throughout the scholastic year, St Benedict College is involved in the organisation of a range of career exercises, educational fairs, vocational activities and career orientation visits related to ‘Career Information’ for students from Form 1 to Form 5.


During the ‘Career Exposure Experience’ the students are:

  • introduced to the world of work. They will acquire knowledge of the job market and career opportunities in different sectors.
  • expected to abide to the rules and responsibilities at the work place such as punctuality at work, working with a group of people and accountability;
  • exposed to new career paths which is very important when making choices for their future career;
  • not paid for any services/work carried out during the work experience;


Mallia advised that “It is highly recommended that the work experience will be carried out during school hours which is between 08:15 – 14:00 (the hours can be adjust according to necessities). The number of placements offered to students is left at your discretion.”


“On behalf of the St Benedict College, I would also like to propose that a ‘Career Exposure Experience Agreement Form’ which is signed by the Head of School will be signed by a representative acting on your behalf and who will be responsible for the students during this experience. Staff at college and school level will be visiting students during the one week in order to mentor and support them.


“I am confident that this experience will also be of benefit to the business community in that employers will find a better prepared workforce in the future. On behalf of my college, I would like to thank you in advance for your sincere collaboration and support for providing our students the opportunity to experience life at the place of work.”


For further information please contact Ms Graziana Cauchi on or 25984019 / 25984016 / 25984026 .


The Kamra tal-Periti supports this initiative and encourages its members to provide the opportunity to the students to gain insight into the profession and hopefully become the architects and civil engineers of the future.