UoM launches new MSc programmes in Sustainable Building Design & Building Services

The Department of Environmental Design in conjunction with the Department of Mechanical Engineering have announced two MSc programmes targeted at Periti and Building Services Engineers earlier today.

In a statement published today the UoM stated that “the ever-developing professions of the Perit and the Engineer, have evolved in tandem with today’s latest technological developments in buildings and services, towards a better quality of life. The protection of the environment is one sure way towards this goal. The now established reality of global warming has promoted a greater awareness of energy-conscious design as well as a cost-sensitive approach to buildings and their facility management.

Today a number of professionals in the building industry have resonated the need to develop further their career into disciplines related to sustainable building design, with a focus on energy efficiency of buildings, resource management and overall enhanced performance.

It is in this context that the need was felt for a new programme of studies in line with global trends, to provide a more specialised profession, focusing on the various disciplines in architecture and engineering and their allied fields of specialization in environmental design, high-tech building services and overall enhanced performance of buildings. It is with this in mind that the two Masters programmes have been launched; both have a selection study-units as common ground, and a joint design project at the end of the course.”

For more information on the two courses, please follow the links below.

MSc in Sustainable Building Design

MSc in Building Services