BRO issues call for applications to join STO Register

Following the agreement reached between the Kamra tal-Periti and Government, which was formally announced on Friday 2nd August 2019 through Circular 11/19 and Press Release 25/19, the BRO has began publishing a list of registered Site Technical Officers (STOs). The register is intended to provide the general public with a list of qualified people who are authorised by the BRO to provide this service.

The Council of the Kamra tal-Periti is hereby notifying members of the profession that, as per Letter of Commitment, the BRO has issued a call for Periti and graduates in engineering to register their interest to provide the service of Site Technical Officer (STO) as defined in LN 136 of 2019. The form can be found below. When completed, it is to be sent to

The agreement included the removal of the obligation on the perit in charge to approve the STO appointed by the contractor, as long as such person is included in the STO register published by the BRO. The publication of such a list eliminates the risk of culpa in eligendo for periti in charge.  Periti are reminded not to submit the Site Management Responsibility Form until it is amended reflecting LN 180 of 2019 and agreement reached with Government as outlined in the Letter of Commitment signed by Minister Ian Borg. The current form still states that the perit in charge is responsible for the execution of the works (which is the contractor’s responsibility), that the perit in charge is approving the STO (which is no longer a legal requirement), and that the STO must be a perit (which is in conflict with the list of registered STOs published by the BRO and with Third Schedule of LN 136 of 2019 as amended). Once the forms are updated, periti are to ensure that the appointed STO is on the register.

As per para 4 of Directive 12/19, Periti are to await further instructions from the Council on the uploading of BRO forms.