CIR 04/23 | Declarations for Y-plates (2)

The Council is disappointed to note that despite Transport Malta’s promise to consult with it prior to issuing a new legal notice, LN 246 of 2023 was released without any such consultation.

The planning policies to date make no distinction between the number of vehicles owned or garaged by an individual. The standard condition in most permits for residential garages states:

“Any garages/parking spaces shall only be used for the parking of private cars and shall be kept available at all times for this purpose.”

The definition of garaging facility in the legal notice issued is:

“Any premises which is (sic) off-street and in which the parking or garaging therein of motor vehicles is permitted by the relevant planning authority permit.”

The Council therefore urges members of the profession to ensure that any declaration pursuant to light passenger transport services and vehicle hire services is underpinned by the required development permit for public service garages even if there are 5 or fewer cars being parked within the “garaging facility”.


Perit André Pizzuto