PR 05/23 | Kamra tal-Periti welcomes licensing of contractors – calls for talks on improvements

Verżjoni bil-Malti

The Kamra tal-Periti welcomes the fact that after campaigning for sixteen years, at long last the BCA has started receiving applications for the licensing of contractors. This is an important milestone for the modernisation and renewal of the industry.

The success of this licensing regime, however, is dependent on how willing the BCA shall be in disciplining contractors. Without a dogged determination from the BCA to take the necessary steps to bring professionalism to construction sites, these regulations will prove to have been an exercise in futility.


The Kamra tal-Periti notes however that there is scope for improvement in the regulations as published last week. The absence of compulsory Contractors’ All Risk (CAR), Employers’ Liability, and Liability Period insurance cover is a serious lacuna in the regulations, as also highlighted by the MDA.

While the Kamra recognises that regulation 5 (3) of L.N. 166 of 2023 stipulates that a licensed contractor is required to ensure works are covered by insurance, this causes an unnecessary burden on the BCA’s enforcement personnel and on clients to verify that insurance was indeed taken out.

The Kamra submits that it is far more practical to ensure that adequate insurance cover is a pre-requisite for the issuance of a licence, as is the case under the Periti Act which mandates that all periti must be covered by insurance prior to being issued a certificate to practise from the Kamra. The presentation of a licence card should be sufficient proof of coverage for clients.


The Kamra calls for urgent discussions with the Government and the MDA to address this lacuna, having taken note of the Malta Insurers Association’s unwillingness to provide such cover, by exploring alternatives to local underwriters.

Moreover, the Kamra calls for a timetable to broaden the licensing regime to include building services and finishing works in the medium-term to ensure that standards are raised across the industry.