PR 18/19 | Kamra tal-Periti calls for all stakeholders to abide by the new regulations

Verzjoni bil-Malti

The Kamra tal-Periti has issued a directive this morning instructing all members of the profession to strictly abide by the regulations published yesterday by Government in the interest of public safety.

We must bring to the attention of the public the fact that all excavation, demolition and construction works carried out in sites which are contiguous to third parties must follow the regulations. This includes the preparation of fresh condition reports of third-party properties, fresh method statements, revised insurance policy premia, and the appointment of an STO by the contractor, or by each individual contractor present on site. Naturally, all these new requirements could not be addressed within 24 hours but require several weeks, which include the minimum two-week period granted to the third-parties to review and possibly contest the reports and method statements.

Until all the provisions are adhered to, all works are in effect suspended. Fines for non-compliance with the regulations are €50,000.