CIR 09/22 | Update on Tender for Property Valuations issued by CFR

Further to Directive DIR 08/2022, the Council met with the Commissioner for Revenue, Mr Joseph Caruana, and the Director of Property Tax, Ms Josette Galdes on 12th August 2022. During this meeting the Council outlined its serious misgivings about the tender, particularly relative to the capping of €25 per valuation report and €25 per Court sitting. The Council also pointed out that there is no mention of remuneration for disbursements, such as acquiring planning permits from the PA, and that such remuneration fees would inevitably affect the quality of the valuations being provided.


During the meeting the CFR stated that it understood the nature of the Kamra’s objection, and expressed its openness to introducing differential rates, distinguishing between the valuation of garages and hotel resorts, which would have otherwise all been compensated for at the capped rate of €25.

It was agreed that the CFR would consult with the Department of Contracts (DoC) to establish whether the tender as published could be amended. However, the CFR was not willing to withdraw and republish the tender should this not be possible.


On 16th August 2022, the CFR informed the Council that the DoC was unable to amend the tender.


Given the above, the Council is notifying members of the profession that the only resolution to the matter is allowing the current tender to run its course without any bids, so it may be republished after appropriate consultation is made with the Kamra in accordance with article 4 of Subsidiary Legislation 390.01.


Moreover, the Council shall retain Directive DIR 08/2022 in place. Members of the profession are reminded that disciplinary action will be taken against periti who do not abide by the Directive.


Perit André Pizzuto



DIR 08/22 | Tender on Property Valuations issued by CFR

The Council of the Kamra tal-Periti has been notified of a tender issued by the Commissioner for Revenue with reference SPD7/2021/081 named “SERVICES – FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT FOR THE PROVISION OF PROFESSIONAL SERVICES OF PERITI TO PROVIDE VALUATIONS OF PROPERTIES TO THE COMMISSIONER FOR REVENUE (CFR)”.

The tender stipulates that “[v]aluations of properties is capped at a fixed fee of twenty-five Euro (€25.00) excluding VAT”. These are unacceptable terms, which undermine the scope of the due diligence and research necessary for the preparation of a valuation report, as well as underestimate the associated liabilities.


In view of the above, the Council is hereby instructing all Periti not to submit bids for this tender.

Failure to abide with this Directive will result in disciplinary action.


Perit André Pizzuto