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The Council of the Kamra tal-Periti notes with satisfaction that one of its recommendations in its consultation reply on the Rent Reform White Paper has been introduced earlier this afternoon by Minister Edward Scicluna and Parliamentary Secretary Roderick Galdes. The Kamra tal-Periti had published its consultation feedback on 30th November 2018, and put forward several recommendations and observations, including the conversion of rent subsidies into a housing allowance similar to the British housing benefit.

It had also recommended, however, that Government should keep in mind the risk that increasing liquidity in the rental market coupled with sustained population growth would result in further inflationary pressures. In the Kamra’s view, therefore, it is imperative that Government monitor closely the effects of this reform on the rental market on a continuous basis to be able to calibrate the balance between affordability and rent inflation.

Nevertheless, this measure alone will not address the problems of housing affordability. The Kamra tal-Periti looks forward to meeting with the Hon Roderick Galdes in the very near future to discuss in greater detail its other proposals on advancing affordability in the rental market.



KTP removes fees for graduates and students

The Kamra tal-Periti has revised its membership fees following the approval of a motion presented by the Council during last December’s AGM. The motion, which was unanimously approved, provided for the consolidation of the various graduate membership tiers, into one single graduate membership level which is free of charge for the first two years. Graduate members will be requested to pay the full membership fee from the third year onward if they still have not been conferred their warrant.

The AGM also approved an agreement reached by the Council and the Society of Architecture & Civil Engineers Students of Malta (SACES), to accept SACES members as automatic KTP student members.

The objective of the motion was that of providing greater exposure to graduates and students to the current issues and challenges faced by the profession, as well as access to resources and courses so they may be better prepared to contribute to the profession and wider society in the future. It is also envisaged that these changes will encourage young architects and civil engineers to actively participate in this professional community.

The agreement reached between KTP and SACES bodes well for the strengthening of ties between the two bodies, and widens the scope for future collaboration.

The benefits of graduate and student membership include:



How to join

Graduate members are requested to sign up on by filling in their details. Following the necessary verifications by the Kamra to confirm that they are indeed architecture or civil engineering graduates, their membership application will be approved and they may immediately begin to enjoy the benefits of graduate membership.

Warrant holders are not eligible for graduate membership and must register for full membership.



Students who enroll as members of SACES will automatically become KTP student members. SACES will be regularly updating the Kamra on the list of its members so the benefits of KTP student membership can also be extended to them.

For more information on how to join SACES, please contact them here.



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