PR 11/16 | AGM 2016

During the Annual General Meeting of the Kamra tal-Periti held on the 15th December 2016, outgoing President Perit Christopher Mintoff thanked all the Council Members for their contribution during what have been a challenging couple of years for the profession, particularly in view of the introduction of a significant number of new planning policies and regulations. The Kamra and the profession, he stressed, are as strong as the members, and urged all to participate in the work undertaken by the Kamra, and to contribute their expertise whenever possible, thus ensuring an active and participative profession.

The General Meeting elected the new Council for 2017, as follows: Perit Alex Torpiano as President; Perit Simone Vella Lenicker as Vice President; Perit Amber Wismayer as Honorary Secretary; Perit Christopher Mintoff as Past President; and Periti Jeanette Abela, Anthony Bezzina, Sandro Cini, David Felice, Alberto Miceli Farrugia, Lara Mifsud, Andre Pizzuto and Marc Spiteri as Council Members.

The incoming President Perit Alex Torpiano stated that the main priorities for 2017 will be the updated suite of legislation governing the profession, and its implementation, as well as ensuring a clear distinction between the various roles undertaken by the various actors and service providers in the building industry.

PR 04/16 | Solidarity with Chamber of Architects of Turkey (CAT)

The Kamra tal-Periti is gravely concerned to hear of the recent events in Turkey wherein 15 members of the Chamber of Architects of Turkey (CAT) were held under arrest in an incident which appears to have been instigated by the Chamber’s criticism of the Turkish government’s urban policies. The Kamra tal-Periti strongly condemns any form of threat to freedom of expression, particularly towards a professional Chamber whose role is to ensure quality of the built environment for the better good of society.

The Kamra tal-Periti endorses the statement published by the Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE), of which it is a member, and expresses full solidarity with its colleagues in Turkey.

ACE Statement

The Architects’ Council of Europe expresses grave concerns following the arrests at the Istanbul Chamber of Architects

On Tuesday 31 May, police arrested 15 people in the building of the Istanbul Chamber of Architects, including the President of the Chamber of Architects of Turkey (CAT) and Board Members and employees of the CAT Istanbul Branch. The Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE) expresses grave concerns at this event.

Local media reported that, on Tuesday 31 May, CAT executives were detained for having resisted  the eviction of the office of the CAT Istanbul Branch, located in Yıldız Palace. The eviction resulted in the detainment of 15 people, including CAT President Eyup Muhcu and Mücella Yapici, Secretary of the CAT Environmental and Social Impact Committee, both prominent figures in the Gezi movement, as well as several Members of the Executive Board and employees of the CAT Istanbul Branch.

While reluctant to comment on domestic affairs, ACE is deeply concerned at what appears to be an overreaction to what began as a peaceful opposition to government’s urban policies. Architects’ chambers play an important role in the defense of heritage and quality in the public interest and as such we feel that professional solidarity is an essential expression of this role.

This unprecedented act of intimidation against the architectural profession in Turkey is surely disproportionate and certainly unacceptable in a country that aspires to join the European Union”, said Luciano Lazzari, ACE President.


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