PR 09/17 | Periti elected to Maltese Parliament in 2017

The Council of the Kamra tal-Periti congratulates Perit Clint Camilleri and Perit Toni Bezzina, who were elected to Parliament during the recent General Election. Perit Clint Camilleri has been appointed as Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights, while Perit Toni Bezzina is the Opposition Spokesperson for Agriculture and Fisheries. The number of Periti MPs has been reduced from five in the previous legislature, by more than half. Nevertheless, the Kamra believes that the two Periti will still have a significant role in promoting the interests of the profession, the quality of life and the environment, and generally in ensuring that Malta achieves its targets of sustainable development.

The Council also extends its acknowledgement to all those Periti who contested the General Election but were unsuccessful in securing a seat in Parliament, namely Periti Carmel Cacopardo, Censu Galea, Graziella Galea, Edric Micallef, George Pullicino, Giorgio Schembri, and David Vassallo. The participation of these members of the profession in the General Election shows that the profession is engaged in the political scene, and that it can contribute to the betterment of Maltese society.

In addition, the Kamra tal-Periti wishes to extend its thanks to Minister Joe Mizzi, with whom it had an excellent relationship during the last legislature particularly regarding discussions on the pending amendments to the Periti Act, and to Dr Deborah Schembri who served as Parliamentary Secretary for Planning during the previous legislature and with whom the Council had several occasions to discuss matters relating to planning policy and regulations.

Finally, the Council of the Kamra tal-Periti wishes to congratulate the Minister Ian Borg and the Parliamentary Secretary Chris Agius, who have been entrusted with many of the aspects that directly affect the profession, and with whom the Kamra augurs to enjoy a productive relationship over the coming years.

PR 07/17 | Consultation with Parliamentary Standing Committee for the Environment and Development Planning

In a letter to the Parliamentary Secretary for Planning, the Kamra tal-Periti (Chamber of Architects and Civil Engineers) referred to the Development Planning Act enacted in 2016, and in particular to the procedures established therein regarding revisions to the Spatial Strategy and to Subsidiary Plans and Local Plans, which require that the Parliamentary Standing Committee for the Environment and Development Planning is consulted on such revisions during the same period as the Planning Authority carries out consultation with the general public. The Committee is required to give its comments on the revisions during the same public consultation period.

The Kamra tal-Periti stressed that, for the Committee to be truly effective and representative, it should have at its disposition the outcome of the public consultation while considering the proposed revisions. This would aid the Committee in considering, reviewing and understanding better the proposal and the reactions to the proposed changes by the public who, after all, these Members of Parliament are elected to represent.

The Kamra tal-Periti suggested that the necessary amendments are effected to the Development Planning Act, such that the consultation process with the Parliamentary Standing Committee is carried out after the public consultation process, and recommended that the Committee is to be presented with a copy of all the submissions made by the public.

The correspondence outlining the proposal of the Kamra tal-Periti is found in the link below.


PR 07/16 | Chamber representation on Lands Authority Board of Governors (2)

The Kamra tal-Periti expresses its disappointment at the fact that the proposal regarding the appointment of professionals on the Board of Governors of the proposed new Lands Authority, namely that these should be nominated by their respective Chambers, and not appointed directly by the Minister, was rejected. This was a missed opportunity to ensure the impartiality of the Board through the independence of these appointed professionals from the Government of the day.

The Kamra tal-Periti takes this opportunity to remind its members of their obligation to uphold professional standards at all times above anything else.

PR 06/16 | Chamber representation on Lands Authority Board of Governors

Reference is made to the ongoing debate on Bill 166 regarding the proposed establishment of a new Lands Authority, and in particular to the proposed composition of the Board of Governors which envisages the appointment by the Minister of three professionals, namely a perit, an advocate and an auditor of recognised standing.[1]

The Kamra tal-Periti strongly recommends and supports the proposal that such professionals should be nominated by their respective Chambers, and not appointed directly by the Minister. This will ensure independence of these professionals from the Government of the day. This proposal will also ensure a double level of accountability of these professionals towards the Board of Governors and also towards the profession which they represent.

[1] Article 10 of Bill 166